GP Experience Achievements & Reward System

GamersPlatoon is unique in all aspects. In GP we do not only offer the standard gaming community characteristics but we distinguish ourselves by being a non profit gaming organization that offers extended sponsorships and helps grow other gaming communities. We reward our members for being active in our community; something that is really hard to find anywhere else.

GP Points (GPP)

Ways of earning GP Points (GPP)

1. For every post made in the forums other than the "Off-Topic" section, a user will be awarded by GPP. Thread creation and the amount of replies and views also gain you more points.
2. Receiving "Thanks" or "Likes" in a post.
3. Active GP Members (minimum 10 valid posts or comments per month) receive a GPP500 monthly pay-check in addition to the regular membership auto bonuses, activities points and achievement points.
4. Participating in our Events and Tournaments will grant you with a wealth of GPP.
5. Creating a Photo Album.
6. Creating Groups in Forums and inviting members to join it. For each member who joins your group both of you receive GPP.
7. Referral: Earn crazy GPP for each new member you invite to GP. Make sure they add your name in the referral field.
8. Levelling your profile will reward you more points. For example if you are level 10 you will receive 10% extra points multiplier.

(For a more in depth look at GPP you can check out your GP Stats at the top of the forums after registering. You can also watch our YouTube tutorial)


GamersPlatoon Bank

As mentioned before we try to support our members in all possible ways. We have created the bank to help you get extra GPP. Our "Point Market" has been integrated and built into the website already. If you accumulate a decent amount of GPP points you don’t have to rush and transfer it to $ or steam games. You can start earning additional GPP points by depositing the points into the GP Bank to gain interest.

The Point Market Bank offers you a 2% weekly interest rate on points that are deposited in the bank.
Deposit your hard earned GP Points regularly in the bank and earn up to 8% monthly interest (over 20% annually)

Note: you can always withdraw your GPP and use it at any time.


GamersPlatoon Market and Donations

Finally, the long awaited Market and GP Merchandise feature is now available smiling
Please visit the "GP Market" fter you have registered to have a look at the market features and merchandise. You can use your GPP to buy anything from the market including exclusive forum features and goodies.

I don't have enough GPP to buy items listed in the market. What should i do?

Learn more about donations and extended benefits here

Best wishes
GamersPlatoon Family